Hi Every one

I would like to talk about wedding gown alterations which is very common question.

Q: When should I come to do the alteration for my wedding gown?
A: If you are looking for losing some weight for your wedding day ,then please make sure you have lost the weight then come for the measurements to be taken .I you come too early ,your measurements will change any way ,so better to take your gown as long as you know that your body will not changes any more and the measurements will be accurate .

Q: When should I bring my shoes?
A: Shoes has to be with for the taking measurements or pinning and cutting the hem.

Q: What heels should I wear?
A: Any height that you feel comfortable to walk for 8-12 hours ,possibility take two pair of shoes for your wedding day ,just feeling more comfortable.
If you have short fiancée or husband make sure you do not tower him ))) unless he does not mind)))



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